Retirement Tax Planning Software

Don Dirren

September 19, 2022

Retirement Tax Planning

There are several retirement tax planning software options. These include Holistiplan, eMoney, and Wealth Trace. First, let’s take a look at the differences between these options. These software programs can solve a problem known as “consumption” to determine how much a person will need to replace their income in retirement. This amount represents a person’s total income minus taxes and debt payments. So, for example, if a person retires with a pension of $20,000 a year, the software will help them calculate their replacement income.


When it comes to retirement tax planning software, WealthTrace is a good choice. The software offers a variety of features that make it easy to use. The software is based on Monte Carlo simulations, which examine various scenarios and predict future performance. It also gives users the option to adjust their assumptions.

WealthTrace allows you to import client portfolios from Schwab PortfolioCenter. It then links the accounts automatically so that the software is always up-to-date. It also easily tracks investment account balances, transactions, and performance. This software can also track savings rates and expenses. It also allows you to use mobile devices to view your financial plan.

eMoney-Retirement Tax Planning

eMoney is a retirement plan software provider that works with client’s retirement accounts. The software offers tools to help you build your financial plan and create a strategy to reach your financial goals. One of the features of this software is the ability to create custom alerts to send you alerts when your financial situation changes.

The software has a client portal that proved popular with advisers. It also includes tools to help clients track their financial performance. eMoney has an impressive history of generating financial plans and client portals. As a result, the company has many customers and a growing client base.


CountAbout allows you to keep track of recurring transactions with ease and quickly. You can record the dates and frequency of each transaction, and you can even create categories to categorize transactions by type. The software is free to download and gives you a 15-day trial. Once you’ve tried the free trial, you can upgrade to the paid version for $9.99/year.

CountAbout is web-based and has multi-factor security. You don’t have to download a program, and you don’t have to worry about unwieldy syncing issues. You can also log into CountAbout from a mobile device with an iOS or Android app.

Holistiplan-Retirement Tax Planning

Holistiplan retirement tax planning software is a powerful tool that provides your clients with customized deliverables and real-time tax simulations. Its intelligent algorithms and character recognition capabilities help your advisor quickly read Form 1040 tax returns and produce transparent tax numbers and reports. These reports can help you identify potential tax planning opportunities, such as self-directed retirement plans and charitable giving.

With Holistiplan, you can run up to four scenarios at once. Then, you can view them and compare how they compare. If unsure of your situation, you can always start with the base case and adjust your facts. This tax planning software even allows you to run scenarios using tax rules from 2018 to 2025, so you can plan for the future. This tool also has a Solve for Max feature that calculates the following change in your effective tax rate.


VeriPlan retirement tax planning software can generate a financial retirement plan based on your current investment portfolio and compare it to two different projection scenarios. You can then select the best strategy for your current needs. In addition, the software allows you to change financial data, settings, or parameters without affecting the plan.

VeriPlan includes an extensive guide and embedded user documentation to help you understand how to use the program. These documents provide detailed instructions and best practices for using VeriPlan and include hyperlinks to external financial data. You can also group worksheets based on similar functionality using the tool’s tabs located at the bottom of the computer screen. The tabs are categorized according to their functions and are given descriptive names.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a retirement tax planning software designed to help you meet your financial goals. It tracks your assets and liabilities and can help you calculate how much you need to save for retirement. You can also use the software to test different scenarios and see which ones will be most beneficial for you. It will also let you see your linked external accounts and provide a detailed analysis of your income and expenses.

Personal Capital offers phone and email customer support. The company is dedicated to protecting its users’ financial information. It monitors for fraud and maintains higher security ratings than some banks. It also has a strict user authentication policy. It also has a secure data storage and encryption policy. To export your data, you can log into Personal Capital through Google Chrome or Firefox, navigate Transactions/All Transactions, and then click CSV.