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Don Dirren - Licensed Financial Advisor in Arizona for over 30 years

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Over the course of his career, Don Dirren has earned his license as a financial counselor in the state of Arizona. Mr. Bergen is one of the top Safe Money Specialists at Bergen Financial Group, specializing in retirement planning and teaching people on how to better safeguard, preserve, and transfer their money.

It is enhanced by his own personal experiences as a long-time financial practitioner, and he adds pictures of real-life circumstances to make the course material more understandable. Alumnus of Arizona State University, Don Dirren is also the owner and operator of two independent brokerage businesses with a significant industry presence across the state.

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June 27, 2022

The Best Spots to Go Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys – Don Dirren

According to Don Dirren, there are many excellent scuba diving locations in the Florida Keys, but if you’re new to the sport, it’s best to learn about some of the best dive spots before heading out. Here are some recommendations: Ginnie Cavern, Looe Key Reef, and the French Reef. The first two are a must-see, […]

May 16, 2022

Don Dirren’s Recommendation About Scuba Diving Key Largo

According to Don Dirren, you don’t need experience to dive. In fact, you can learn how to dive in a day’s time, and you can even skip your pool session.¬†You will always be able to dive at least 40 feet after just one day. That is a big upgrade from the pool sessions you may […]

Don Dirren Introduces His 5 Favorite Hiking Destinations in Phoenix, Arizona
October 8, 2021

Don Dirren Introduces His 5 Favorite Hiking Destinations in Phoenix, Arizona

Outdoor enthusiast Don Dirren recently introduced his top five hiking destinations in and around Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix is a city submerged in natural beauty. Residents like outdoor enthusiast Don Dirren appreciate that the city is home to a variety of hiking trails for all ages and ability levels. “Phoenix is an outdoor playground that offers […]

Don Dirren
November 5, 2020

Can You Use The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) To Pay Yourself? Financial Advisor Don Dirren Explains

Don Dirren Is Helping Small Business Owners Understand the PPP – And What It Means For Their Bank Accounts Many small business owners have been hit hard by changes in income during the COVID-19 crisis. From struggling to pay employees to having trouble making payments in order to keep rented storefronts open, the changes in […]

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