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Licensed Financial Advisor in Arizona for over 37 years

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Don Dirren is an experienced financial advisor with over 37 years in the field. Licensed as a financial advisor in Arizona, he brings knowledge and expertise in retirement planning, helping his clients manage their wealth, protect it, and leave behind a financial legacy they can be proud of. Dirren is the owner and operator of two independent brokerage firms and is one of the top Safe Money Specialists with Bergen Financial Group.

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September 20, 2023

The Best Tax Strategies for a Secure Future

Retirement marks a significant life transition, where your financial priorities shift from saving and investing to generating income and preserving your nest egg. One crucial aspect of retirement planning that often takes center stage is taxes. While you may no longer accumulate wealth as actively as before, understanding and implementing effective tax strategies can help […]

Don Dirren
September 6, 2023

Maximizing Your Retirement Savings with Retirement Tax Planning Software

In today’s complex financial landscape, planning for retirement has become more critical than ever. As individuals strive to secure their financial future, one key aspect they must consider is minimizing their tax liabilities during retirement. Retirement tax planning is a crucial part of the financial planning process, and modern technology has provided us with a […]

Retirement: Smart Strategies for Retirement Tax Planning
August 9, 2023

Retirement: Smart Strategies for Retirement Tax Planning

Retirement is a long-awaited chapter where individuals seek to embrace the rewards of their hard work and cherish life’s pleasures. Amidst the excitement, paying attention to the crucial element of taxes in your retirement planning is essential. Managing your tax obligations during this phase can significantly impact your financial comfort and security. This article delves […]

July 25, 2023

Can You Live Comfortably on $3000 a Month in Retirement?

Many ponder whether $3000 a month is sufficient to sustain a comfortable lifestyle as retirement approaches. The answer lies in various factors, such as location, personal expenses, and financial planning. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to living off $3000 a month in retirement, offering insights and strategies to help retirees make the […]

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