Don Dirren Introduces His 5 Favorite Hiking Destinations in Phoenix, Arizona

Don Dirren

October 8, 2021

Don Dirren Introduces His 5 Favorite Hiking Destinations in Phoenix, Arizona

Outdoor enthusiast Don Dirren recently introduced his top five hiking destinations in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix is a city submerged in natural beauty. Residents like outdoor enthusiast Don Dirren appreciate that the city is home to a variety of hiking trails for all ages and ability levels.

“Phoenix is an outdoor playground that offers something for everybody,” Don Dirren said. “I’m eager to share my favorite hiking trails, so others can enjoy some local natural beauty I enjoy almost every day.”

Don Dirren started his list of top hiking destinations in Phoenix with the unique Hole-in-the-Rock Trail in scenic Papago Park. The Hole-in-the-Rock trail is just 825 feet out and back, but those looking for a longer hike can venture on the 2.3-mile-long Double Butte Loop. The view of the city from inside Hole-in-the-Rock is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Venturing a short distance from downtown Phoenix can lead you to some of the city’s most unforgettable views. Don Dirren suggests heading to White Tank Mountain Regional Park to hike the Waterfall Trail. This trail leads you through gorgeous rock outcroppings, petroglyph carvings, saguaro cacti, and stunning views of Estrella Mountain. Head there after a major rain, and you may catch a glimpse of the waterfall.

“When I’m looking for a more serious workout, I often like to head to Pinnacle Peak,” Donald Dirren said. “This trail is popular for its incredible views, but I also like that the incline is gradual, and the trail is always well maintained.”

Dirren suggested planning enough time to take in the panoramic views at the top.

“Those looking for an even crazier workout and arguably crazier views should head to Camelback,” Dirren said. “The Echo Trail to Camelback Mountain is one of the highest in the city, and you can’t beat the views.”

The Echo Canyon Trail climbs 2,704 feet to picturesque views of Phoenix and far beyond. However, hikers should be prepared to do a fair amount of scrambling to reach the peak.

Don Dirren concluded with an easy hike offering all the Sonoran Desert scenery you expect to see when visiting Phoenix. This flat trail takes hikers through a maze of saguaro cacti, cholla, ocotillos, and more. It’s the perfect hike as an introduction to the city and its distinct landscapes.

“Whichever hikes you take while visiting Phoenix, you’re bound to get a clearer understanding of what makes this city so special,” Dirren finished. “It’s a paradise for hikers of all interests. Come see what makes all of us so proud to call Phoenix, Arizona home.”